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Hey, I'm Justin Vaughn, aka dangerfoot.  My wife bestowed this name upon me and it just stuck...part a tribute to my occasional bouts of clumsiness and part tribute to where I like to find myself, I couldn't have asked for a funnier but perfectly fitting name for a photographic venture!

I work to capture the most raw and authentic exposures of people lost in time, doing what they love.  Living in the zone.  Flowing.  Moving.  Doing it.  That's where I love to be, and everyone has a way to reach that place. 

My objective is to capture that authenticity and make it come across the screen and register with your soul - because it is the feeling and the essence of the fleeting moment that has driven me to create. For this same reason, I work to capture this in camera, with as little work in post as possible.

If you want to work together - great!  I'd love to hear from you, just drop me a line using the form or contact info below.  

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